In the Kansas Election Protection project, a nonpartisan effort led by the ACLU of Kansas and Stinson Leonard Street, LLC, we are defending every eligible citizen’s right to participate in our democracy.

Make sure your vote counts on election day:

  • Call for help & share the hotline. If you have problems at the polls with photo ID, long lines, or other issues, call the Election Protection hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Report any issues you have here or consult a trained attorney, and share the hotline with your network. ​Spanish (1-888-VE-Y-VOTA), Asian language (1-888-API-VOTE), and Arabic (1-844-YallaUS) hotlines also available.

  • Report ADA issues. Let us know if your polling place meets ADA standards via this form.

  • Share your experience. We want to know what it's like to vote in your county. Were the lines long? Was there an issue with your voting machine? Were you denied a provisional ballot or did you encounter any voter intimidation? Share your story via our Election Experience form. ​
    We want to know if you experience any of the following issues:​

    Voter ID problems and not given a provisional ballot​
    Voter Moved without Updating Registration and not given a provisional ballot​​
    Voting Machine Problems​

    Long Lines​​
    Insufficient Voting Supplies​

    Voter Not Found in the Poll Book​​
    Voter Has a Disability and was denied assistance​

    Voter Has Limited English Proficiency and was denied assistance​​
    Signs and Electioneering within 250 ft. Perimeter​

    Voter Intimidation or Harassment​​
    Polls Close While Voters were Still in Line​


  • Know your voting rights and get out the vote. Click here to be sure you know your voting rights in Kansas, vote early, and then strongly encourage your friends and family to vote in this crucial election!

Outside of election day, there's more we're doing to protect elections. Learn about the litigation and legislative actions of our Let Kansas Vote! campaign, sign our petition telling the Kansas legislature to defund Crosscheck, and read up on the background of voting rights in Kansas.

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