The constitutional right to vote is the heart of our democracy and system of governance.  The right to vote is the vehicle through which a citizen has a voice in selecting and holding accountable those in power.  We should thus make it easier, not harder, for all eligible Kansans to vote.  

However, Kansas has been the epicenter of a movement to undermine the right to vote for years. More recently, elections officials and state lawmakers have created new voting restrictions or neglected to eliminated existing barriers, and it is difficult for eligible citizens to register to vote and to cast a ballot. 

In the courts, the ACLU of Kansas has mounted vigorous legal challenges on some restrictions on the right to vote. 

In the legislature, we engage every session to repeal restrictions on the right to vote and lower barriers to voting.

In the community, we mobilize and empower Kansans to work with their elected officials for local and state-based policy reforms to strengthen participation in democracy.