Since 1936, the ACLU has been a force for LGBTQ+ rights, and we are proud to keep that fight alive in Kansas. Even as the nation moves forward toward equality for all people, there are still many who seek to create unnecessary obstacles for people in the LGBTQ+ community. Kansans face discrimination because of their LGBTQ+ identities at their work, in their homes, and in the public sphere—and there are few laws in placed to protect them.

The ACLU of Kansas stands ready to fight discrimination against LGBTQ+ Kansans, whether that’s in the legislature, in the courts, or in the community. But we also know LGBTQ+ Kansans and advocates across the state are already in the fight, and want to be a resource and partner in that work. To that end, the ACLU of Kansas is in the process of building out a new LGBTQ+ Advocacy landing page that will house various resources and information related to LGBTQ+ Kansans’ civil rights—including toolkits explaining what LGBTQ+ Kansans’ legal rights are and how they can go about enforcing those rights. 

Starting in early 2023, updated and new LGBTQ+ resources will be available on this landing page. The ACLU of Kansas plans to continue to expand its LGBTQ+ resources in this location throughout the coming years.



2023 Legislative Session Information

Check back here for more information on LGBTQ+ rights during the 2023 Kansas legislative session.