The criminal legal system harms marginalized communities and fails to address the root causes of crime. Our system creates, rather than interrupts, the cycle of harm and violence and often punishes poverty, mental illness, and substance use. We must re-define safety and interrogate our assumptions of what actually creates safety. 

Reimagining our criminal legal system is not a partisan, ideological, or political issue. It is an issue that impacts all of us.

We envision a criminal legal system that reduces the number of incarcerated people, uses taxpayer dollars wisely, invests in safe and strong communities, and respects the rights of all who come into contact with it.

Our priorities include:

  • Secure the elimination of juvenile fines and fees statewide.  
  • Decrease the number of Kansans—especially Kansans of color—who are detained pre-trial, through reform of pre-trial/bail policies and systems. 
  • Secure statutory decriminalization of medical marijuana.