Information about how the ACLU of KANSAS accepts cases

How do I file a legal complaint with the ACLU of Kansas?

The ACLU of Kansas does not accept requests for legal assistance in person or by telephone.

To ask the ACLU of Kansas for legal assistance, you must complete and submit a complaint form. You can submit a complaint either online or by mail. 

Can the ACLU of Kansas advise me about my case?

The ACLU of Kansas cannot advise you about your case or provide other types of assistance (for example, reviewing your papers or conducting legal research) if we do not accept your case. This policy allows us to direct the necessary resources to those cases that we do accept.

Types of cases we do not accept

Generally, the ACLU does not accept the following types of cases: family law, denial of governmental benefits, landlord-tenant disputes, criminal defense, complaints about attorneys or judges, or employment matters.

Important note about deadlines

All legal claims have time deadlines. The deadlines may be different depending on who violated your rights and depending on what rights were violated. For some kinds of violations, you may need to file a claim with a government agency before you can sue, and these agencies usually have their own deadlines. The ACLU of Kansas cannot advise you about the deadlines that apply to your case. To protect your rights, please consult with an attorney promptly to find out what deadlines apply in your case.

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