Since 1936 the ACLU has been a force for LGBT rights, and we are proud to keep that fight alive in Kansas. Even as the nation moves forward toward equality for all people, there are also some who seek to create unnecessary obstacles for people in the LGBT community. People face discrimination in the work place, housing, and the public sphere based on their sexual orientation gender identity, and there are few laws in place to protect them.

What are we doing about it?

In 2014 the ACLU of Kansas filed the lawsuit Marie v. Mosier challenging Kansas’ ban same-sex marriage, and won! Other states appealed similar rulings all the way to the Supreme Court, where bans on same sex marriage were declared unconstitutional. As a result, same-sex couples across Kansas have been able to legally marry since November 2014. Our legal department is still working to have the ban taken off the books completely, so that it can’t be interpreted by the administration as a way to circumvent the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in the future.

As some states, Kansas included, seek to enact laws that legalize discrimination, we are working to ensure that no legislation is passed denying civil liberties to the LGBT community. We are also working to expand non-discrimination protections for LGBT people. Most recently, this has meant standing up to Gov. Brownback’s efforts to sanction discrimination in the name of “religious freedom.”

The ACLU of Kansas has been a strong voice for the rights of transgender Kansans; we have pushed back and helped stop multiple laws that would discriminate against Kansans based on gender identity.