October 14, 2022

This election season could decide the future in Kansas and across the county. Already on August 2 Kansans stood up defiantly for civil liberties — and the fight for those rights returns when we vote on November 8.

Before you make your voting plan, make sure you are registered to vote by the deadline, Tuesday, October 18. You can update or check your registration status at ksvotes.org and request an advance mail ballot by November 1.

Once you're registered, here are five steps to get your voting plan together:

  1. Find your polling location on Kansas Voter View.
  2. Pick a date and time you'll vote. Do you need to take off work or find childcare?
  3. Plan how you'll get there - do you need a ride?
  4. Bring your driver's license or other valid form of ID.
  5. Find someone to bring with you.

If you have any issues with registering to vote or with voting by mail, early in-person, or on Election Day, please contact the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (Spanish, Arabic, and other language options available).

Democracy isn't just about pulling the lever for a certain person — it's about our shared values and the idea that everyone's voice matters. Thank you for making your voting plan and showing up to vote.