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Esmie is the Communications Director of the ACLU of Kansas. In this role, Esmie plans and executes a broad vision for communications to further the affiliate’s goals, creating public education strategies for the success of the affiliate’s programmatic work. These strategies bring together digital communication, media relations, materials development, and social media to uplift the ACLU of Kansas's work and to bring more voices into the movement in the state. Esmie carries out the organization's integrated advocacy approach, ensuring that all communications work is in close collaboration with the other departments of the ACLU of Kansas while also approaching communications as an independent tool of advocacy.

Before joining the ACLU, Esmie managed communications, events, and administration at Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty (MADP). She has previously worked in landscaping and grounds maintenance, accounting, and project management in IT restaurant technologies. While receiving her bachelors at University of Missouri-Kansas City, Esmie was the managing editor of University News, the independent student newspaper (now Roo News). In the four years prior to her current position, she worked for the ACLU of Kansas as the Communications and Events Associate and as the Legal Assistant. Esmie was part of the original union organizing staff in 2020, ACLU of Kansas United, and previously served as the unit chair. From personal experience with the criminal legal system, she seeks to be part of solutions for people impacted by the intersection of systemic racism, poverty, mass incarceration, and political disempowerment.

Esmie is an avid gardener, reader, and strength athlete competing in powerlifting and strongman, with a small gym and coaching business and is dedicated to helping provide a better quality of life through strength training at any level of fitness. She currently holds Kansas state records with the United States Powerlifting Association in the open women 60kg and 67.5 kg classes.