The ACLU of Kansas is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to preserve and strengthen the civil rights and liberties of every person in Kansas. Our 2023 Kansas legislative agenda advances freedom, defends democracy, and furthers the cause of justice, especially in striking at laws that disproportionately impact people of color and vulnerable Kansans.

We envision living in a state where the kind of treatment you receive in the criminal legal system is not dependent on your wealth; where proceeds from the legalization of medical cannabis are invested in communities disproportionately impacted by marijuana criminalization; where transgender children are free to participate fully in school and society as their full, authentic selves; where reproductive healthcare choice is placed in the hands of patients, not politicians; and where our elections are free, fair, and accessible to all eligible voters.

Read about our legislative priorities below and check out our bill tracker to find out which pieces of legislation we're watching this session.