January 5, 2024

With the 2024 legislative session upon us, we’re gearing up to advocate for much-needed criminal legal reform.

Here are some of our top goals this session:

Elimination of Juvenile Fines and Fees

Currently, youth in Kansas can be charged thousands of dollars in unjust fines and fees that burden Kansas families and trap youth for years to come. This hurts Kansas families trying to make ends meet. Eliminating fines and fees means paving the way for our youth to succeed without the chains of financial burden holding them back.

Decriminalization of Medical Marijuana

No one should face criminal penalties for accessing the medicine they need. We’re advocating to legalize medical marijuana and ensure equity in the regulated medical industry. This is more than an act of compassion; it's one step towards addressing the disproportionate impact of past policies on marginalized communities.

Ending Cash Bail

We’re also working at the local level to reform our broken cash bail system. The cash bail system in Kansas creates a divide between those who can afford their freedom and those who cannot. Kansans support a legal system that upholds the presumption of innocence and does not equate freedom with financial means. Reforming this system is about reinforcing the fundamental American principle that everyone deserves justice, regardless of their economic status.

Kansans support these reforms, and we’re fighting for them this session. If you’d like you help, RSVP for our Legislative Advocacy Training and our Medical Marijuana Day of Action.

We have big goals this legislative session—with your help, we can advance civil liberties in Kansas.