Marching On! An ACLU of Kansas Podcast

The ACLU of Kansas presents Marching On!, a podcast on civil liberties, civil rights, and the fight for democracy in the Free State and beyond. In the spirit of John Brown, we discuss the march toward freedom—including the trials and tribulations this work entails—while always centering the hope that pushes the freedom-minded advocates of Kansas to keep marching on. You can contact the podcast at [email protected] 

Redemption— How the Governor can use Clemency in a Broken System

In Kansas, the governor is given an important power— clemency. In 2021 Governor Kelly used this power to free 8 individuals—including Joseph Jones, who applied through the ACLU of Kansas Clemency Project. We're joined by him and strategist for the ACLU's Redemption Campaign Tara Stutsman.

April 21, 2023

Legislative Update with Dinah Sykes and Christina Haswood

This legislative session is rushing by, and the fights to expand rights and defend against their infringement are taking place throughout the state house. ACLU of Kansas Policy Director Aileen Berquist is joined by Senate Minority Leader Dinah to reflect on Kansas' legislative session thus far.

March 9, 2023

A Historic Look with Dr. Galyn Vesey and Jo Brown

To start 2023, we're taking a look backward in time. Mark McCormick, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives, interviews Dr. Galyn Vesey, who—as a student at Wichita State in 1958—participated in the first student-led sit-in in the United States.

January 4, 2023