Civil Liberties Accountability Project

The Civil Liberties Accountability Project (CLAP) seeks to help inform Kansans of how key elected officials are taking action that may undermine the civil rights and civil liberties of all of us, but most importantly, of some of our most vulnerable neighbors and family members.

Each of these officials holds immense responsibility over our constitutional rights in Kansas, and they have the power to make decisions that affect the lives of all Kansans. However, Kansans also have the power to hold these individuals accountable—and to ensure that they are working to protect our right to vote, our right to live authentically, our right to reproductive freedom, and more.

It is our hope that this page’s contents assists Kansans who wish to be informed about how their elected officials have acted in the realm of civil rights and civil liberties and whether those individuals have worked to protect, strengthen, and uphold our Constitution—or have instead undermined it.

We encourage you to share what you find here with your fellow Kansans, and then take action to CLAP back by contacting the official directly or taking action here.

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Governor Laura Kelly

The governor is the highest-ranking elected official in the executive branch of state government. Their office carries out the law, but also signs or vetoes any legislation passed by legislators.Here's an overview of how Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has exercised power during her administration.

May 20, 2024

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach’s latest career move found him elected to the office of Kansas’s Attorney General in the 2022 election, and he took the post in January 2023. Here’s what to know about how Kobach’s implementing his power in office so far.

July 26, 2023