Marching On! An ACLU of Kansas Podcast

The ACLU of Kansas presents Marching On!, a podcast on civil liberties, civil rights, and the fight for democracy in the Free State and beyond. In the spirit of John Brown, we discuss the march toward freedom—including the trials and tribulations this work entails—while always centering the hope that pushes the freedom-minded advocates of Kansas to keep marching on. You can contact the podcast at [email protected] 

Voting, Rights, and Voting Rights / Kathleen Sebelius and Davis Hammet

ACLU of Kansas Executive Director Micah Kubic kicks off Marching On with conversations with Former Kansas Governor and United States secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Loud Light Founder and President Davis Hammet, to discuss the potentially paradigm-shifting rebuke of a

October 25, 2022