Following the August 2022 primary election, the ACLU of Kansas sent every county election office in the state a follow-up letter about the Election Protection program. 

The program, run by the ACLU of Kansas, Loud Light, Stinson LLP, and the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, engaged more than 100 volunteers on the ground across 22 counties. The 866-OUR-VOTE hotline, staffed by volunteer attorneys with Stinson LLP and the ACLU of Kansas, handled over 200 calls from voters throughout the state, and assisted voters with everything from providing the voter’s correct polling location to alerting election officials of the need for curbside voting. The ACLU of Kansas Legal Department also worked closely with many county election officials and election staff to collaboratively resolve issues, including instances of electioneering, long lines, broken election equipment, provisional ballot issues, and more.

The ACLU of Kansas is appreciative of the partnership with county election offices, the Secretary of State’s Office, and the voters in Kansas to ensure that everyone who was qualified to vote could cast their ballot in an election that saw record turnout and voter engagement and looks forward to a successful November program.