March 9, 2023

Our hard work is paying off for access to medical marijuana in Kansas.

On Wednesday, March 15, at 10:30 a.m., the Kansas Senate Fed and State Committee will hear a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Kansas, and we need your voice.

But, there’s a problem–as it stands, SB 135 would not provide equitable medical marijuana access. 

Let’s be clear. The criminalization of marijuana has caused untold damage to our communities, especially for Black Kansans. No one should face the fear of criminalization for using medicine. We deserve a clean medical marijuana bill that:

  • Protects patients from discrimination
  • Uses a tiered licensing system for more equitable access to enterprise
  • Reinvests in the communities that have been devastated by the War on Drugs

To help, email your written testimony (in a PDF) by Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. to [email protected]. Be sure to introduce yourself and share why you support legalizing medical marijuana in Kansas. (Click here for the Fed and State Committee’s rules on submitting in-person or email testimony.)

This hearing will be exactly three weeks since our Medical Marijuana Day of Action, where Kansans packed the capitol in support of medicinal cannabis. A parade of speakers shared more on why we need to pass this bill.

Former U.S. District Attorney Barry Grissom shared how excessive marijuana policing saps resources from bettering our communities.

ACLU of Kansas Legal Director Sharon Brett described how marijuana laws open the door to constitutional concerns—including intense police practices, overcrowded county jails, and severe treatment in our court system.

We also heard from everyday Kansans on how medical marijuana could transform their lives.

Mary shared how her medical conditions cause her constant pain. When she tried marijuana treatment out-of-state, it was the only success she’s found to actually relieve the pain – not simply dull it – and give her back her life.

Mandy, a mother of three, talked about how she deals with punishing migraines for half of every week, but the relief she found from medical marijuana while in Missouri was like no other medication she’s tried. Access to it could be what allows her to regularly work at her family’s business, be present at school activities and family events, and otherwise show up for her kids.

Make your voice heard: Kansans need access to medical marijuana. 

Help us pass medical marijuana in Kansas by submitting your written testimony to [email protected].

Getting this hearing is a major step in the process of passing this bill. If we can raise a united voice showing this committee the widespread support in the state, we can propel this proposal over the finish line. I hope you’ll help in this historic moment.