February 14, 2023

We’ve had enough of our state’s antiquated laws criminalizing medical treatments for Kansans in need. Let’s be clear: marijuana is medicine, and it’s time to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas.

Medicinal marijuana would improve the lives of Kansans in three key ways:
1.      Cannabis is proven to be a safe and indispensable tool for people with diverse health needs across the world. Veterans with PTSD, cancer patients, and other sick Kansans would finally be free to safely, and legally, benefit from these health care options.
2.      The War on Drugs has trampled Kansas communities, especially Kansans of color. Medical marijuana would be a big step towards ending the harmful government overreach, letting people make their own healthcare decisions, and reversing the cyclical impact of criminalization.
3.      Through legalization, we could promote equitable opportunities for small business owners through a tiered licensing system and could also remove felony limitations and prohibitions on licenses.

We’d love your voice with us at the capitol in Topeka on Wednesday, February 22 for our Medical Marijuana Day of Action. You’ll get connected to a community of advocates, learn more about the path forward in Kansas, and let your lawmakers know: the time to end the prohibition of medical marijuana is here. 

Together, we can create an equitable, regulated industry for medical marijuana and end the cycle of harm that criminalization of safe medical treatment has caused in our state.


You can also make an appointment to meet with your legislators before or after the Day of Action program while you’re at the capitol! We’ll provide you with talking points and everything you’ll need to make sure your lawmakers hear from you.

We hope you’ll help us advocate for medical marijuana in Kansas—together we can bring about this long overdue change to the Sunflower State.