April 22, 2021


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From ACLU of Kansas Executive Director Micah Kubic:


The ACLU of Kansas would like to commend Governor Kelly for vetoing SB 160, a prejudiced and harmful bill that targets trans children in Kansas.

This bill embodied the worst of cynical politics; it was a solution in search of a problem, coldly trading the safety of Kansas children for cheap political points. It was legalized bullying in the name of identity politics.

We’re glad that the governor understood how unwanted this legislation was in Kansas. At every opportunity, crowds of Kansans stood up and spoke out against this hateful legislation. They explained passionately and personally about the harm it would cause the state and our children.

They affirmed what we know: The opportunity to participate in sports and other school activities is paramount to our children. Not only does it encourage physical health, it teaches the importance of community, teamwork, and perseverance in achieving a goal.

Deceitfully, SB 160 was said to promote fairness in sports when it aimed to do the opposite. Fairness is an equal opportunity for kids to participate in sports to learn and grow. All of our children deserve that opportunity and the bright future it can help provide.

We thank the governor for her veto and implore the legislature to sustain it.


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