Dear Sen. Denning,
I’m forced to writing you publicly because you have been completely unreachable at your office, by phone or by email. All that I and your other frustrated constituents have to show for our efforts are long, unproductive conversations with your aids. 
We care about a number of issues, but I would especially like to know why you oppose legislation that would increase citizen participation in elections when we know that participation is what drives a healthy democracy. The best tool we currently have to increase civic participation is election day registration.
You didn’t even show up for the hearing. You should be ashamed.
You are Senate Majority Leader. Your title suggests that you speak for the majority. Yet, when a majority of Kansans and legislators overwhelmingly support Medicaid Expansion, you blocked the vote. You apparently block everything that would help your constituents, so that you can support everything special interest groups say. 
You constituents deserve to know how you treat your voters. I believe the American way is of the people, by the people, and for the people. So, my question is: when will you actually acknowledge - and better yet - respond to us, the people, whom you supposedly serve?  
Diane Treff
Diane is a constituent of Jim Denning and has been trying to meet with him for more than a year. Even after multiple calls, emails, and letters, she has been unable to get a response from Senator Denning. Diane joined the ACLU's Johnson County Voting Rights Strategy Team to unite with her neighbors and ensure their voices are heard.