The Kansas Data Project: Injustice by the Numbers

The purpose of this project is to improve government data transparency and policymaking in Kansas. You will find local and state data on elections and voting, incarceration, and policing among others. It will be updated as additional data sets become available. Here are some top findings listed in detail on the dashboard: Arrest Disparities, Police Spending, Immigration, Deportation, and Military-Style Equipment. There are many more data sources included in the project. Direct links to specific topics are listed below.

View the Data for Justice Dashboard here 

Citizen Participation

  • Voting rights have been under attack in states across the country, including Kansas.

Policing and Racial Justice

  • Black and Brown Kansans face a disproportionate burden of excessive policing and police brutality.

Smart Justice

  • Our criminal justice system has a disproportionate impact on the lives of Black and Brown individuals and their families.