On March 28, 2024, the ACLU of Kansas sent a letter to Governor Laura Kelly urging a veto on SB 233, which is even more extreme and misinformed than similar bills in other parts of the country. In addition to depriving parents and families of medical freedom, this bill actually punishes teachers, doctors, nurses, and more for just doing their jobs by respecting and supporting Kansas kids, including transgender kids. 

SB 233 ban gender-affirming care in Kansas by threatening heatlchare providers with civil action and the loss of their professional licensure for providing this life-saving care, discriminating on the basis of sex and transgender status against Kansas children and their parents and also stripping Kansans of their fundamental right to bodily autonomy under the Kansas Constitution and their equal protection and due process rights under the U.S. Constitution. 

SB 233 also goes even further than similar bills in other states by including extremely broad prohibiting state employees from promoting social transitioning, which could include simply allowing youth to dress in a manner that reflects their gender or calling them by the pronouns they request, even in cases where the parents use the same pronouns.  This proposed law would subject public employees to potential discipline and discharge for simply showing respect and support for young people.