The 2020 legislative session is less than two months away.

At the ACLU of Kansas, we're laying the groundwork for a successful session. We are ready to push through as many proactive measures as possible to protect and secure our civil rights and civil liberties – and we're just as ready to defend those rights and liberties against any attacks.

This session, it won't be a matter of if, but when those attacks will occur. There will be times when we will need volunteers to show up for liberty on short notice. This could mean contacting your own representatives, calling or emailing committee chairs, or showing up in person to the Statehouse to ensure your voice is heard.

Will you join our rapid response network to show up for liberty in Kansas?

As 2020 approaches, we're continuing our work on all fronts to protect immigrants' rights, strengthen our democracy, reform our criminal legal system, ensure women's reproductive health and freedom, and more.

That work is strengthened by you.

Join fellow Kansans in defending the constitutional rights of everyone in this state. Sign up to be part of our rapid response network.


Ellen Glover
Field Director, ACLU of Kansas