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Whatever is the most personal is the most political. I heard that bit of wisdom long ago and have always thought in terms of upholding civil rights to protect our personal freedoms. I've pushed this idea as a journalist, performer, activist and festival founder. Protecting our constitutional rights are what the ACLU is all about, and they have proven themselves to be formidable, effective lawyers in this regard. Also, their non-partisan stance speaks to the potential unity to be realized by simply respecting and living out the constitutional mandate... to form a more perfect union.
Working with ACLU Kansas field organizers has been a fulfilling experience, more-so than all of the sign-carrying, protest singing, festival activism and, yes, voting I have done over the decades. The effects have been tangible. Inter-generational conversations are imperative for shaping our nation's future, and the youthful energy and insight provided by ACLU workers rejuvenates my battle-weary convictions. In sum, in these dark days of lawless leadership, Lady Liberty's flame still burns brightest in our personal convictions, and helping the ACLU helps us all to freely live the lives that we envision!