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I support the ACLU because they recognize no political, racial, ethnic, or religious identities over any other. They defend and preserve our individual rights and fight for equal liberties for everyone in the country. When you support and do work for the ACLU you are helping defend the Constitution.
The ACLU has many issues they work to defend. One of the issues I care about the most is Voting Rights. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and one of our most fundamental rights. Having the freedom and access to vote is the pillar in which all of our civil liberties rest on.
One of my greatest experiences volunteering with the ACLU is bringing my daughter to the meetings and participating with her. I love that I get to defend Civil Liberties with her. She is only 9 and already has more knowledge and empowerment than I did by 30. Being able to talk with my children about why these issues we are working to defend are important is detrimental to the future of our country. 

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