Edward Acosta

I use my voice for others.

I am of Mexican-American origin, from El Paso, TX and have lived in a two-culture world. I am a social worker by background but have been attuned to social justice issues all my life. I have existed in a privileged world and, to an extent, have also lived a privileged life. However, the privilege that I knew was based partially on jingoism and reminded me that the food I ate, the house I lived in, the language I spoke, the color of my skin, the clothes I wore were not truly American. Each day in school would start with the recitation of the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. However, Mexico and Canada are also united. They too are in America. Canada is in North America, and Central America has Mexico. It is pretty presumptive to assume that these are the only United States and the only America. I have always been drawn to those who cannot speak for themselves and/or are societally muted. I have been drawn to the ACLU as a way to use my voice for others.