Delaney Hiegert

In what ways are you involved with the ACLU of Kansas?

What specific experience brought you to supporting the ACLU?
I went to law school to pursue social justice advocacy and became a part of the undergrad ACLU of KU. I believe in the power of the people, and I am really inspired by the work ACLU does to give truth to that statement. 

What issue(s) are you passionate about?
I care about all of the ACLU’s missions, but the closest to my heart are LGBTQ+ and racial justice issues. 

If you had a civil liberties magic wand, what issue would you make disappear - or resolve for good?
Health care for all, Housing for all, Equal Protection from discrimination, Ending the Racist “Justice” systems in our country. 

Tell us about your favorite fall or holiday season tradition.
Every Friday after Thanksgiving, I go to a town called Paxico, KS. It’s a small farm town my dad grew up in, and my grandparents still live there. We go every year and hang the town’s Christmas lights on Main Street and then decorate my grandparents house with them. 

What are you grateful for this season? 
I’m grateful for my family; both blood and chosen.

Who's your favorite civil liberties champion?
Ella Baker