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Many years I have worked to support a variety of organizations and charitable causes, but after a while I was overextended in my fundraising, meetings, and events that I became ineffective in my quest to make a difference.  It wasn’t my intention and certainly not the goal, but I just became overwhelmed.  I never wanted to give up any of my passions or helping others, I just needed a much smarter way to do it and to engage my daughter in the process.  Consolidating my philanthropic work and taking a more holistic approach to civic engagement was the answer.  That is when I discovered the ACLU.  Whenever I grow frustrated with today’s injustices and find myself saying, “I wish I could do something about that” the ACLU is probably already there taking action.  Volunteering with and being a member of the ACLU allows me to fully engage in matters I care deeply about and in a variety of ways.  I am not a distant player, but part of a winning team that cares and nothing makes me prouder than when I say, “I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU!” 

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