Kansas communities will be safer, healthier, and stronger when everyone can get a photo ID

Establish a Municipal ID card program in Kansas Counties

What it is: A Municipal ID card is a form of photo identification issued by a city or county government.  It can be used to prove a person’s identity within the city/county limits or to access services from any institution that agrees to accept the card as proof of identity.

What it is not: A Municipal ID card does not confer driving privileges or take the place of state- or federally-issued identification required for travel (for example, driver’s licenses or passports).

Why we need it: Kansans across the state struggle to obtain government-issued photo ID. For example, as many as 30,000 people in Wyandotte County—1 in 5 people who live in the countyare without government-issued photo ID.  Vulnerable populations who lack a government-issued photo ID card face major difficulties opening a bank account, cashing a check, registering children for school, or getting a prescription filled.  They can feel at risk when interacting with police, leading to fewer individuals reporting crimes or cooperating as witnesses.  Without an ID, senior citizens, immigrants, homeless individuals, re-entering citizens, foster youth, and others cannot show where they live or fully be a part of the community.

How it works: Local governments can set flexible ID policies that respond to local needs and conditions.  The cards can be provided to residents for free or at a nominal cost.  Under state and federal law, counties have the full legal authority to create a Municipal ID program and to establish protections for the safety and privacy of residents who apply for ID cards.  Dozens of cities have already issued ID cards and established protections for vulnerable residents, resulting in more vibrant communities, improved access to financial services, and better-police community relations.     

Who supports Municipal ID: A sixteen-member coalition has called on the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas to create a municipal ID program.  To see the list of organizations that asked the Unified Government to make Wyandotte County a safer and more welcoming place, click here.  In addition, the Board of Education in USD 500 and the Kansas City, Kansas Community College Board of Trustees have both voted to endorse the creation of a municipal ID program in Wyandotte County. Learn more about Municipal ID

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