Starting in May 2020, the ACLU of Kansas began filing clemency applications for early release on behalf of individuals incarcerated in the Kansas Department of Corrections’ overcrowded and ill-equipped facilities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The project evolved over the course of the year and shifted towards reimagining how governors use their executive authority to correct the ongoing injustices in our criminal legal system as broad reform can be so slow.

While we are no longer taking new clients for the Clemency Project, we have developed a toolkit to help impacted individuals advocate for themselves or family members, including filing for an application for early release through executive clemency on their own behalf. We will continue to push for a paradigm shift in which redemption is the standard. Everyone is more than their worst mistake.


Click here to view Filing for Clemency: A Toolkit to learn how to file an application for clemency for yourself or a loved one in the state of Kansas.