Rose Welch Bio Pic

Rose Welch is the Community Engagement Associate at the ACLU of Kansas. As a Queer woman of color from the South, Rose seeks to confront injustice and uplift communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the intersection of capitalism, police forcing, and political disempowerment.

Prior to joining the ACLU, Rose worked with non-profit organizations to directly meet the needs of vulnerable populations, and with labor unions to develop and coordinate strategic campaigns with workers. Her political and labor organizing experience encompasses campaigns with over a dozen union locals/affiliates across the United States, from internal and external workplace organizing to electoral and legislative efforts.

In Kansas, these campaigns include introducing and passing legislation related to worker’s rights and transparency in police forcing, engaging in a long-term political effort to achieve a functioning Public Employee Relations Board to re-establish the rights of public workers, and working with local communities to understand and utilize direct-action organizing principles to create positive systemic change.

Rose studied English and Rhetoric at Cameron University. In her spare time, she enjoys craft beer, smashing the kyriarchy, and naps.